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  • Legenda



    Handle:2 pieces


    Function:Relieve joint pain|Reduce visceral fat|Improve human immunity

How does Legenda work?
Utilizing the high frequency of 448KHZ to penetrate deep into the body, so that the high heat energy penetrates into the fat layer, fascia layer and even visceral fat in the deep part of the human body in a painless manner. 
Visceral adipocytes are decomposed and excreted by the liver metabolism.At the same time, it can heat the collagen in the deep layer of the dermis of the skin to make it tightly 
arranged to achieve the effect of cell rejuvenation.Its deep action mobilizes the ions and provides energy inside the body. It optimizes the ionic exchange to balance the electric potential in the tissue. This activates various functional activities of the human body and improve sub-health.

Biological stimulation (Non-thermotherapy) Promote cell metabolism and blood circulation, activate fibroblasts. Micro blood circulation (Thermotherapy) Vascular vasodilation, increase blood flow, oxygenate rough cells, increase cell metabolism and improve lymphatic system.

High activation cycle (Hyperthermia) Fat breakdown, a large number of detoxification functions, and highly stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers.

Resistive Mode
Aiming at the deep tissues of 6-8CM of skin.For visceral fat, the effect is deep repair to help dissolve and soften deep stubborn fat, and excrete fat through the circulation, while alleviating joint pain and draining the body from cold. Effectively improve muscle tension, eliminate lactic acid, clear the meridians, and make every cell in the body perform aerobic exercise!

Capacitive Mode
Aiming at the superficial tissues of 3-5CM of skin, the effect is firming and anti-aging, and it helps to restore the elasticity of blood vessels, rebuild the microcirculation system, provide more nutrients for fibroblasts, strengthen collagen synthesis, and improve cells The flow of reactive oxygen, thereby restoring cell viability and rebuilding the reticular layer.

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