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  •  20MHZ Fractional RF
 20MHZ Fractional RF

20MHZ Fractional RF




    Function:Wrinkle removal Skin tightening, skin lifting Acne scars removal

Fractional RF releases radio frequency energy in capacity from and meantime it acts onto skin surfact and underneath by scanning repiding in dots, to stimulate the positive and negative ions in the cells to rub and create heat, make the collagen tissue heat, accelerate blood circulation of dermis and subcutis, to make the fiber tissue heated and contract instantly, stumulate the collagen to keep regenerating and reorganizing constantly, to make the skin healthier and more flexible. At t he same time, the epidermis tissue will re-arrange, to generate new skin cells, to get the function of whole face skin resurfacing.

Skin resurfacing
Wrinkle removal
Skin tightening, skin lifting
Acne scars removal
Aunburn Removal 
Chloasma or other pigmentation removal
Scald or other skin scars removal

> The system combines Fractional RF and Thermal RF in one machine
> Fractional RF: Use fractionated bi-polar RF to treat reduction of wrinkles, skin resurfacing, skin renewing, acne scars, textural irregularities, and superfocoal skin lesions. Functions similar as CO2 fractional laser, but better penetration and no pigmentation.
> Thermal RF; Use fractionated uni-polar RF to treat common signs of aging, like wrinkles and sagging facial skin without damaging the outer layer of skin, effects lasting 2 years.

Main Features
1. 10.4 inch color touch screen shows dignity.
2.  Friend user manual, safe, easy operation.
3. Germany ODU connectorm safe and durable.
4. Japanese button, durable performance lasting 20 years more.
5. Intelligent control output energym it makes tips use un safe and efficient condition.
6. Human-based handpiece design, comfortable operationm avoiding tired operation.
7. Non-invasive treatment, no scar or pigmentation after treatment.


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